Community Outreach Services

  1. Bicycle Safety Lecture & Inspection

    Two thirds of bicycle accidents in Maryland involve bicyclist under the age of 16.

  2. Crime Prevention Lectures

    Crime prevention lectures are offered to various communities and neighborhoods to help instruct residents in how to maintain their community as a safer place to work and live.

  3. D.A.R.E. Display

    This display depicts the Drug Abuse Resistance Program as it is offered in schools nation wide and in the local school district.

  4. Drug Display

    The drug display contains information concerning various different types of drugs and their harmful effects on the body.

  5. Home or Business Security Survey

    A trained police officer will conduct a survey of the residents home or business.

  6. Personal Safety Lectures

    Personal safety will give you the facts and some tips on victim prevention.

  7. Police Station Tours

    The Westminster Police Department offers community groups of various sizes and ages, a tour through the police station.

  8. Presentations With McGruff

    A police officer will accompany McGruff to a location and introduce him as the Crime Dog.

  9. Safety Belt Display

    This Safety Belt Display will demonstrate and provide information concerning the importance of wearing a safety belt.

  10. Safety Talks to Youth

    This program combines traffic safety, 911, stranger danger, and police roles in a lecture for students.