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The Westminster Fiber Network (WFN) is the Mid-Atlantic's first community-wide gigabit fiber network. It creates a competitive local marketplace for Internet services and provides our community access to affordable gigabit Internet speeds, powered by Ting. In the years to come, the WFN will revolutionize City Internet access, bring local jobs and drive innovation that will enable our community to thrive.

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City of Westminster property owners are encouraged to sign and submit a Fiber Drop Access Agreement to receive a FREE fiber optic connection to the network. Once filled out and submitted by the property owner, this agreement between you and the City of Westminster puts you in the queue to have a fiber optic connection to the network brought to your home or business. This connection is required to be able to take advantage of the network and purchase gigabit internet services now and in the future.

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WFN Construction Questions/Issues

WFN construction is happening now. If you have questions or are experiencing any issues related to network construction, please call (410) 848-9000. We will be more than happy to assist you.

Westminster Fiber Network Plan
The map below is for general area reference only.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the relationship between Ting and the City?
A: The City of Westminster owns the fiber that has been planted, and Ting is leasing the fiber in order to provide Internet service to the residents and business owners within the Westminster city limits. For a very detailed overview of how it all works, read this.

Q: When will I have fiber in my area?
A: The first areas to gain service are the airport area, Carroll Lutheran Village, and the neighborhood around Fairway Drive. Construction is currently underway in Phase 1 and soon to begin in Phase 2 (see the map above), which is the remainder of the west side of the city. Once that is complete, construction will move east. This is a multi-phased project over the next few years. Stay tuned!

Q: How do I sign up?
A: In order to sign up for services available on the Westminster Fiber Network, you must first complete an Access Agreement. This Access Agreement gives the City permission to bring a fiber drop to your property, but does not obligate you to purchase any services. Completed Access Agreements should be emailed to the Access Agreement Manager or submitted online at www.accessagreement.com. Once you've submitted an Access Agreement and a fiber drop has been run to your property, you are now able to sign up for services. To order (or pre-order) service from Ting, please visit www.ting.com/westminster

Complete Your Fiber Drop Access Agreement Online  |  Download Residential Access Agreement

Q: What is the Westminster Fiber Drop Access Agreement?
A: This agreement allows the City and its contractors to bring the fiber cable from the street across your property and to the outside of the home.

Q: How much does it cost to get a fiber drop on my property?
A: Nothing. There is no cost to the homeowner to have fiber brought from the street up to the side of the home.

Q: Will my yard be torn up?
A: Fiber is run with great care and is installed underground or from the utility poles. Either method will have minimal impact on your property. Think scalpel as opposed to shovel.

Q: Should I get a fiber drop even if I'm not using or getting Internet?
A: Yes. The time to get a fiber drop is now. There is no obligation to accept service with a fiber drop but the fiber drop will be there should you (or anyone in your home) decide to do so later.

Q: What is the installation cost for Ting Internet?
A: Installation costs are $98 for a family home in Westminster. The Ting Internet Box is required equipment if you want fiber Internet service. Home users have the option to buy ($200) or rent ($9/mo). The Ting Internet Box also acts as your crazy fast Wi-Fi access point.

Q: What service packages and prices are available from Ting?
A: Ting offers symmetrical gigabit service: 1,000 megabits per second (Mbps) download and upload speeds. That's $89/mo. for the absolute fastest Internet around. There's also a non-core 5 Mbps offering whic is $19/mo.

Q: Does Ting offer TV?
A: Not at this time, but they're working on it and it will be launching soon! While they do, their Cut the Cord book has some tips to help you replace cable TV with Internet and over-the-air options. They have hard copies they're happy to share. The free ebook is also available in the Amazon Kindle Book Store and in Apple's iBook Store

Q: How is Ting Internet better than what I have now?
A: Well, it is definitely a lot faster. It's more reliable because it's brand new infrastructure with more than enough capacity. You'll get better, much more helpful and human support if any issues arise or questions arise. Ting Internet customers have access to live, no-hold customer support from Ting's smart, helpful, and decidedly human help agents.: 443-201-72078 or at help@ting.com

Q: If I have a question, whom should I contact?
A: All general questions about the network or the construction process can be directed to John Dick, the Deputy Director of Public Works. He can be reached via email or (410) 848-9000.

If you have a question about signing-up for service, contact Valerie Giovagnoni, the City Manager for Ting in Westminster. Feel free to contact her via email or (443) 244-9345.
Want Service? Contact Ting

Ting is our initial service provider. If you'd like to learn more about their crazy fast fiber internet, visit them at www.ting.com/westminster

Meet Val!
Valerie Giovagnoni is the City Manager of Westminster for Ting. She has been a resident of Westminster for 10 years. She loves Westminster and believes that the Internet is awesome and that cities with super-fast, unfettered access are the future. She has been charged to be the all-knowing person on the ground for Ting and is excited to help you gain access to crazy fast fiber internet.

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