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 Development Review

Office of Development Review administers and coordinates the review of planning and public works plans to insure compliance with appropriate governmental and regulatory requirements. Staff of this office also provides technical assistance to citizens, developers and others regarding the City's review and approval process, design and construction criteria and other related information.

What is the difference between a Site Plan and a Simplified Site Plan?
A Site Plan is a very detailed drawing that is required for land development. A Simplified Site Plan is for less intensive projects that meet the requirements of Section 164-209 of the City Code. The Director of Planning reviews and approves Simplified Site Plans.
How do I submit a proposed development plan to the City of Westminster?
A pre submittal meeting must be set up with Carroll County Planning at 410-386-2145. Carroll County in turn contact the Engineering Specialist for the City of Westminster for availability. The County sets up all pre submittal conferences.
Where is the pre submittal meeting held?
City of Westminster offices at 56 West Main Street, Westminster MD 21157. 410-848-9000.
How long will it be before I get my building permit?
It depends on the complexity of the project. But allow for 4-6 months depending on all the approvals required. However, due to current shortfalls in water supply, this timeframe is not certain if the project does not have water allocation from Westminster.
Do I have to fill out a water allocation request if I am in the City of Westminster?
Yes. You are encouraged to submit a completed application for water allocation and pay the required fee as early in the process as possible so you can be added to the list of potential projects. This process is also applied to projects in the County areas around Westminster that involve City utility service.
When can we present the project to the Planning and Zoning Commission?
After all approvals have been received by City and County agencies and the Director of Planning determines the project is ready for Planning and Zoning Commission consideration.
When and where are the Planning and Zoning Commission meetings?
Are the Developer and/or Engineer required to attend the meeting in order to obtain an approval from the Planning and Zoning Commission?
No, but the Developer and/or Engineer and other interested parties are strongly encouraged to attend. If specific questions arise that the staff cannot answer, there is the possibility that plan approval could be delayed until a later date.
What is a Public Works Agreement (PWA)?
A Public Works Agreement (PWA) is a legal contract between the Owner/Developer and the City of Westminster that guarantees public works and related items are completed. This document must be signed and notarized by all applicable individuals and the bond is required before work begins.
What is the Letter or Credit or Surety Bond and why is it required?
A Letter of Credit or Surety Bond is required to financially guarantee the work covered in the project Public Works Agreement can be completed in the event the Owner/Developer is unable to complete the project. The amount is generally determined as 110% of the cost of the public works items to be conveyed to the City, plus other items such as stake-out, as-built drawings, etc.
How do I get my Letter or Credit or Surety Bond reduced?
The Owner/Developer must complete and submit an Application and Certificate for Payment to the Engineering Specialist (410-848-4316), who will process the request for release with City inspection staff.

Barbara Sardi, engineering specialist

Standard Details & Specifications
  • Standard Detail Sheets
    Summary: Standard Details for roadway, water, and sewer improvements are usually required to be included with plan submittals. Click on the links below to download the detail sheets:
    Roads | Water | Sewer | Entrance Reconstruction | New Entrance |
    | Sidewalk and Curb Reconstruction | New Sidewalk Construction
  • Standard Specifications
    Summary: This book contains the City's standard specifications for installation of public utility, road, and storm drain systems. Contact Mike Matov at or 410-848-2592, Senior Engineer, for this information.
  • Landscape Manual
    Summary: The purpose of the Landscape Manual is to preserve, protect, and improve the public health and general welfare by promoting the environmental and public benefits of landscaping. Any persons seeking to obtain an approval from the City for a planned development must submit a Landscape Plan that meets the standards and criteria contained in this Manual.