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 GIS Services

GIS Services provides mapping and spatial analyses to City Departments and offers such services to other public and private entities at a reasonable cost.

Our GIS activities focus principally on:

1) Creating, managing, and enhancing a database of geographic features and their characteristics;
2) Creating maps and statistical data from the database; and
3) Performing geographic analyses using the database with special-purpose spatial models.

Can you give me a map of my property lines?
We can give you a general idea of your lines, but the best thing to do is hire a surveyor. We do have plats on file for most newer neighborhoods, but they will show more than just your lot.
Is your zoning map available online?
It will be soon. We are working on an interactive mapping application that will allow users to locate their property on a map of the City, with information like zoning available within one click of the mouse.
What does GIS mean?
Geographic Information Systems. It is a system where features on the ground are mapped, and information describing those features is stored with them in an associated database. Think of the data that shows up on your GPS unit in your car. It is used for many types of analysis, as well as map making.
Can I look at construction plans for an area where I'm going to be building?
Yes. All approved plans are part of the public record for that project. Contact us with the area for which you need plans, and what information you need. We can provide the plans on a CD as pdf files, or prints up to the original size.

Frank Middleton