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 Historic Preservation

The City encourages preserving the appearance of our older homes, neighborhoods, churches, commercial and industrial buildings. The Westminster Historic District Commission (HDC) has been guiding the City’s preservation efforts since 1992. At any one time 7 dedicated citizens serve on the Commission. They bring their professional talents and personal interests to every Commission meeting. Their efforts are dedicated toward the education and promotion of historic preservation in Westminster. They offer residents design advice, proper rehabilitation and restoration methods. The HDC is supported by the City Planner.

Through the HDC the City of Westminster offers property tax credits to owners who maintain, repair and/or improve their property (exterior: painting, porch repairs, new roof, etc. interior: repair/replacement of a new furnace, plumbing or electrical systems and interior rooms. The HDC approves the tax credit applications for the eligible repair, replacement and improvements on homes and buildings.

Because historic structures and streetscapes are so influential in the character of the City, the HDC is exploring initiatives to protect these resources from unnecessary demolition, inappropriate alterations and/or incompatible design of new structures. Possible solutions include improved Historic District zoning, design guidelines for new construction and major renovations in certain areas, and improved incentives for appropriate projects.

Does the City regulate what I can do to my historic building?
The City does not have a zoning designation which governs what owners of a historic structure do to their property. The only action that is regulated is demolition of historic structures, whereby the Director of Planning may require archival documentation prior to approval of the demolition permit.
Does the City have an Historic District?
Yes, the city does have a Historic District zoning designation, but it is not a "mapped" zone. That means a property owner must request that the zone be applied to their property. The HDC and staff are evaluating improvements to this policy.
Are there financial incentives available for renovation projects on historic buildings?
Yes. The City has a tax credit program through which you can get a credit for 10% of your expenditure, which is applied to your City property tax. The state has a similar program with a 20% credit. Occasionally, the City has additional funding available through grant funds for fašade improvements.
I bought an old house that needs some work, and I want to do it the right way - where should I start?
Bring pictures and information about your structure to an HDC meeting, and the group will be happy to help with any questions you have.
I am very interested in the historic buildings and the history of Westminster, how can I get involved in protecting and promoting the historic character of Westminster?
To become a member of the HDC, contact Steve Sager at or 410-848-7967 to discuss any available positions on the commission. Also, the public is welcome at all HDC meetings, and encouraged to attend to learn and share insight. In the meantime, visit the City's history to familiarize yourself with some of its cultural relevance.


Steve Sager

City Planner