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 Landscape Review

Our staff works diligently to plan for the protection and conservation of natural resources in Westminster and its surrounding areas. That means reviewing development plans for environmental impact, planning initiatives for water and energy conservation, and working towards local and regional goals to ensure Westminster functions and grows sustainably. A current focus is on the movement toward use of xeriscape principles in all landscaping within the City.

Does the City have its own landscape specifications? How do I get them?
Yes, we do have our own landscape manual. You can get a copy from the Planning office at 56 W Main St or download a copy using the link below.
Is there anything I can do to reduce the amount of water my landscape needs?
Yes. Read about and follow the principles of xeriscaping using our guide, found at the link below. Most importantly, select plants that are right for their location, and be sure to include those known to be drought tolerant or native.
What does "sustainability" mean?
A City that functions sustainably is one that meets its current needs without compromising the potential for future citizens to meet their needs.

Landscape Manual

Conservation Landscaping Guide


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