The Department of Finance is responsible for all financial and accounting activities in the City of Westminster. Many of these activities are prescribed by the City Code to specify the administration of the Department, collection of revenues, and the proper disbursement of funds to meet approved expenditures. In addition, these activities are further guided by sound financial and accounting business practices to meet the needs of the community. Adherence to Maryland Laws, the City Code, and Ordinances is inviolate.

In general, the Department of Finance is responsible for the following:
  • Correlation and preparation of the city's budget
  • Collection of taxes, general revenue and other city income
  • Utility billing, such as water
  • Billing for general city services such as parking permits, benefit assessment, etc.
  • External audit of the city's finances
  • Preparation of reports and the maintenance of necessary and proper records in connection with such duties as the Common Council shall prescribe

Important Documents