Special Waste Removal

Beginning July 1, 2018, City residents are required to call in at least 24-hours in advance and schedule any bulk trash pick up requests to 410-848-9077.

Bulk trash removal services are provided to private residences, including buildings with less than four units. Buildings with businesses or more than four units are not entitled to bulk trash removal by the City.

Placement Requirements

All items should be placed in the same location as household trash cans. Please note that this may be by the curb in front of your residence, or it may be along an alley in the rear of your property. Items must be within five (5) feet of placement location noted above and not behind a fence or the sidewalk (if applicable).

Monday - Tree Limbs and Brush

Tree Limbs must be cut to 4-foot sections, no larger than four (4) inches in diameter, with the ends facing the same direction and may be loose or bundled with thin twine. Loose clippings and trimmings must be placed in paper bags or bushel containers for Wednesday yard waste collection.

Tuesday - Metal, Tires, Batteries

Metal only, includes large appliances such as refrigerators (the doors must be removed), stoves, washers, dryers, bicycles, etc. Standard car/truck tires and car batteries are included in this pickup as well. NOT collected: dishwashers, TVs, computers, etc., over-sized tires (tractor, non-standard truck sizes, etc).

Wednesday - Grass & Leaves

Yard waste (year-round collection) is considered grass and leaves, which must be in brown, biodegradable paper lawn bags, or in lidless, bushel-sized containers, weighing no more than 50 pounds. Bags and containers must be placed curbside no sooner than 7am on Tuesday and no later than 7am on Wednesday to ensure collection. Please be aware of inclement weather conditions, as wet bags will not be collected in order to avoid debris from rips. The brown paper bags can be purchased at places like Lowes, Wal-Mart, and Home Depot. If packaged any other way, such as plastic bags or containers over 50 pounds, it will not be taken. Yard waste cannot be mixed with nor placed with normal household trash. Wheelbarrows and large trash cans are not acceptable containers.

**Please note that sod, dirt, mulch, and rocks are not considered yard waste and the city cannot collect these types of items. Consider mulching your grass clippings instead. 

Thursday & Friday - Bulk Trash

Bulk trash includes sofas, chairs, lumber and building wood cut no longer than 4' length (if work is performed by a contractor, the City will NOT collect debris), TVs, mattresses, non-metal appliances (dishwashers, microwaves, other), rugs and carpet (must be bound with tape and no longer than 4' length), etc.
**Please note that sod, dirt, mulch, rocks, concrete, and bricks are NOT considered bulk trash and cannot collected by the city. Refer to your zone map to know which day is pickup on your street.

Leaf Vac

Fall only: Begins first Monday in October, runs through first week of December. For your Zone, check the Zones page.

Christmas Trees & Limbs

Christmas trees can be dropped off next to the Skate Park at Locust Street and Leslie B. Leister Lane beginning December 26 until March 31. A sign for Christmas trees is next to a dumpster for their placement. Be sure that you remove lights, ornaments, tree stands, and any plastic wrapping or bags you used for transporting your tree. None of these items can be run through the mulching machine and will instead cause damage, so please be conscientious about their removal. See the FAQ for more information, or visit the Christmas Tree Collection webpage. 


Your tree limbs and Christmas Trees are used for mulching purposes. Workers grind them up and compost the materials and then use the resulting mulch around town for beautification projects, so keep in mind that when you place these items out for this purpose, they are being used to keep your City looking nice and you are participating in a nationwide recycling project.