Christmas Tree Collection

Christmas trees are collected curbside every other Monday (except scheduled City holidays) following the bulk trash schedule. Residents are required to call in and schedule a pickup to 410-848-9077. Residents can also drop off Christmas trees to the Dumpster next to the Westminster Skate Park off of Tuc Road from December 26 through March 31.

Trees collected through this program are shredded, along with other tree limbs, to be used as mulch on City flower beds, tree pits, and park grounds. Each year we are able to produce around 200 tons of mulch, which saves us from having to buy it at a local supply yard. So recycling your tree actually saves the city money, and contributes to the beautification of your public spaces!


Either way you choose to do it, please follow these steps:
  1. Remove all ornaments, decorations, and lights
  2. Take the tree out of its stand
  3. Do not wrap the tree in plastic, trash bags, or blankets
  4. If we are picking it up at your house, set it out no sooner than Sunday morning