Organizational Chart

Field Services
The Field Services Bureau provides uniformed patrol service to all areas of the city 24 hours a day / 365 days a year. In additional to their patrol duties, our officers also conduct foot and bike patrols, handle special events occurring throughout the year, conduct traffic and pedestrian safety programs, and provide police canine services.

Criminal Investigations
The Criminal Investigations Bureau is responsible for the service of arrest warrants, the investigation of major crimes, and the investigation of drug violations occurring in the city. Additionally, 2 members of the bureau are assigned to countywide multi-jurisdictional task forces that handle drug and child abuse/sex crime investigations around Carroll County.

The Administrative Bureau handles a diverse group of responsibilities critical to the efficient operation of the department to include our 911 Dispatch Center, fleet and facilities management, staff training and development, and our police records functions. 
Westminster Police Department Organizational Chart