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What is Fiber Optic Internet?

Fiber optics is a strand of glass that allows the internet to be delivered at extremely fast speeds. The City of Westminster’s fiber network will be delivering at a symmetrical (download and upload) 1 Gigabit per second speed! That is approximately 10x faster or more than it’s closer competitor for most of the City and at a cheaper price. All this is provided by Ting Internet, our network operator!

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Construction, Installation, and Lighting is COMPLETE!

As of September 13, 2017, construction, installation, and lighting of the new redundant backhaul connection for the Westminster Fiber Network is complete. Read more about this here.

Get Connected  

The City of Westminster is encouraging property owners to submit a fiber drop “Access Agreement” to receive a FREE fiber drop to your residence or business. There is no obligation for this. This will allow the city to bring a fiber drop to the side of your house or business, so it will be there now or in the future if you would decide to take advantage of the fiber network. Allowing the drop to be at your house for now or later means all you do is call Ting Internet about service plans and get scheduled when you want to take advantage of the speeds of fiber internet. The access agreement gives the City and its contractor permission to be on your property to install the fiber drop.

Submit Your Fiber Drop Access Agreement Online  

What to expect during construction!

First you will see Miss Utility come through and mark existing utilities in the ground. This is done by color-coded chalk paint that will disappear in a couple of weeks. The markings allow the contractor to know where all utilities are to avoid hitting them and is required by state law. You should then receive a letter in your mailbox or in your screen door about a week before construction starts in your area. Once construction begins, you will see some equipment on your street and over the next two weeks as they will work through your area. You might also see some of the next phase: pulling the fiber into place. This is a quick process that will be finished within days. The drop installation to the home or business could be the longest wait in the entire construction process. The final step will be restoration of all grass areas, paving patches, and concrete repair work. Once your home or business has service available, you should be notified with a door hanger and email from Ting Internet or the City.

For photos of the entire process from start to finish please click here.


Westminster Fiber Network Plan
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