Wakefield Valley Park

Exciting news!!

Renovation of the Wakefield Valley Clubhouse is underway! When completed, this project will provide Wakefield Valley Park with a beautiful outdoor pavilion that can accommodate up to 190 people. In addition to the pavilion, this facility will also provide restroom facilities, 2 meeting rooms, and a large multipurpose room.  

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About Wakefield Valley Park

Wakefield Valley Park was once part of a vast agricultural estate owned by several different families throughout the years. In the late 1970s, it transitioned into a private golf course named Wakefield Valley Golf Club.Wakefield Valley Park 2

Unfortunately, by the 2010s, the economic downturn and rising maintenance costs took a toll on the golf course. It eventually faced foreclosure in 2012, leading to its closure.

Recognizing the potential of the land, the City of Westminster acquired the property in February of 2016. This marked a turning point in the area's history, opening doors for its transformation into a public park.

Today, Wakefield Valley Park is a cherished green space for residents. It offers diverse opportunities for recreation, including hiking, birdwatching, and nature exploration. The park is still under development, guided by a master plan that envisions improved access, restored natural areas, and the preservation of the site's history.

The park's past as a golf course is evident in the remnants of fairways, bunkers, and ponds scattered throughout the landscape. These remnants are being repurposed and integrated into the natural habitat, creating a unique blend of history and ecology.