Wakefield Valley Park Master Plan

On September 14, 2020, the Mayor and Common Council authorized execution of a contract with Pennoni Associates, Inc. to assist the City with the development of the master plan. The project will be funded with grant monies from the Land and Water Conservation Fund.  The master plan will provide a foundation for the future phased development of the property, and also lay the groundwork for future City grant applications to finance park improvements. 

Development of the master plan for Wakefield Valley Park will allow plenty of opportunities for community participation. We hope you will take advantage of these opportunities to provide your input.

Wakefield Valley Park Master Plan

Presented to Mayor and Common Council on July 12, 2021, click the above text link to access the report.

Virtual Participation

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Master Plan Map 3/3/2021

To view more detail, zoom in on the map draft below.

Master Plan Trails 3/3/2021

To view more detail, zoom in on the map draft below.

How to use Padlet

If you are joining us for the VIRTUAL meeting on March 3 at 6:00PM or 7:15PM.  After the meeting we will gather suggestions and comments in an interactive platform (Padlet).  Padlet works best in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser.

We recommend using a PC/Ipad/Tablet for the best experience.  For optimal experience you should use a PC and sign up for a free padlet account.  You may still participate without an account, however you will not be able to edit your padlet post(s) without an account.  Additionally, if you are not using Padlet, you may e-mail your comments and questions to WakefieldComments@westgov.com 

To sign up for a Padlet account in advance, please visit: https://padlet.com/

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Wakefield Valley Park 1
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First Public Input Meeting, December 16

Second Public Input Meeting, January 27

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