Call to Order

Statement of Authority - Pursuant to Maryland Code Annotated, Land Use Article, Division 1, Single Jurisdiction Planning and Zoning, Title 4, Zoning, Subtitle 2, Designation and Adoption, Section 4-205 and the City of Westminster Zoning Ordinance Section 164-158.1A.(1), “…the Planning Director [Director] is authorized to grant administrative adjustments from the following requirements contained in this chapter:


(a)          Local height requirements;

(b)          Local setback requirements;

(c)           Local bulk requirements;

(d)          Local parking requirements;

(e)          Local loading, dimensional, or area requirements; or

(f)           Similar local requirements.


The Director may grant an administrative adjustment in cases where the strict compliance with the requirements of this chapter would result in practical difficulty or unreasonable hardship which has not been caused by the applicant.


Public Hearings


Application for Administrative Adjustment - 411 Malcolm Dr.

CASE NO: 23-02

An application by Martin Rickell from Carroll Land Services Inc. representing their client Main Street 3 LLC, requesting approval of three Administrative Adjustments for 404 Malcolm Drive Westminster, Maryland 21157 (SDAT# 07-00588) to: 1) Zoning Ordinance Section 164-45.1 (c) to allow for a reduction of the five-foot requirement from an adjacent lot, 2) Zoning Ordinance Section 164-115. (D)(3) to allow for a relief of three feet from the required 25 feet of drive aisle width in the parking garage, and 3) Zoning Ordinance 164-211 (K) to allow for more than 0.1 foot candles of light beyond the property line onto areas buffered by woods. The applicant is requesting the administrative adjustments to construct a 40,000 square foot medical building at 404 Malcolm Drive.


AA-23-02 Staff Memo - Final


Application for Administrative Adjustment - 71-73 W. Main Street

CASE NO: 23-03

An application by Patrick McGrath, the Applicant and property owner, was received by the Department of Community Planning and Development requesting approval of two Administrative Adjustments for 71-73 W Main Street Westminster, Maryland 21157 (SDAT# 07-064950). The Applicant is requesting an adjustment to 1) Zoning Ordinance Section 164-111. B. and pursuant to 164-111. C. to allow a reduction in the number of required parking spaces, and 2) Zoning Ordinance Section 164-112. G. to allow vehicles using the off-street parking facilities to back out directly into Union Alley. The applicant is requesting the administrative adjustments to modify an existing building for residential and commercial uses.


AA-23-03 Staff Memo - Final