Why can't I just add my trash to my neighbors' pile?
In the event that an item is not able to be collected, the owner is responsible for it and this can result in a code violation.

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1. How do I have bulk trash removed from my property?
2. Do I have to call for a special pickup?
3. Why do I have to separate my household trash and recyclables?
4. Why must I separate my special pick up items?
5. Why do I have to use paper bags for my yard waste?
6. If I use a container for yard waste, why must it be no larger than a bushel size?
7. Why can't the city pick up used oil, gasoline, and other hazardous materials from my house?
8. If I live in an area that has common grounds, why can't I just put my trash there?
9. Why can't I put out my household trash or items for special pick up before noon prior to collection day?
10. Why can't I just add my trash to my neighbors' pile?
11. What does it mean when I have a bad address?
12. Why do I have to allow the latex paint that is still in pans to dry?
13. Who do I notify if trash is on the curb from an eviction?
14. Why do we have to write on a trash can, "TAKE ME," in order for the city to throw it away?