June 12, 2017
At this time, June 12, 2017, Phase one is complete with restoration of the project. If you see any areas where topsoil needs added or seed and straw after June 16, please feel free to call and let us know at 410-871-4428.

Phase two construction is progressing well, please see the Map on our website for updated construction areas: http://www.westminstermd.gov/westminsterfibernetwork. The northern end of Phase two (Greens area) has seen the fiber pulled in that area. They have pulled the taps into place, and fiber splicing has begun. Drop installations will begin shortly in the Phase two area, but will not be live for a couple more weeks. The drop installation to your house will happen quickly and in most cases you might not know unless you are home. Once your home or business has service available, you should be notified with a door hanger and an email from Ting or the City.

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